Body Shower Installation

Body Shower System Installation

Want to transform your daily shower into a truly luxurious and spa-like experience? Consider investing in a high-end body shower system. At Tony LaMartina Plumbing Company, we are experts in high-end fixture installation! Our knowledgeable and experienced plumbers will ensure your new body shower system is perfectly installed.

About Body Showers

Enjoy ultimate comfort and relaxation with this popular bathroom fixture upgrade. Say goodbye to the days of the single overhead shower. Today’s full-body shower technology offers broad-faced shower heads suspended overhead, complete with horizontally-mounted shower heads, and body sprays. Artful function meets rare form and beauty in virtually all body shower systems currently on the market. Typical features include generous shower roses, massage units, and rain bars supplied by either exposed or concealed valving. Multi-function systems are also available for enhanced relaxation and invigoration. No matter what type of body shower system you purchase, professional installation is required.

Custom Body Showers

Custom body shower systems are also available. These allow you to combine traditional accessories like shower heads or handhelds with a collection of smaller, wall-mounted body sprays for a personalized spa experience. The number and placement of the body sprays is totally up to you! Limited only by physical space and budget, you can design your custom body shower to be as modest or lavish as you see fit.

Why Invest in a Body Shower System?

It’s a well-known fact that upgrades made to your kitchen and master bathroom can significantly boost the value of your home. While a basic tub and shower may be appropriate for your guest bathroom, a luxury shower in the master bath is becoming more and more common. The exceptional design and fine craftsmanship of these systems—coupled with a quality installation performed by our highly-skilled plumbers—will ensure your new body shower system is an investment you won’t regret.