Steam Bath Installation

Transform your bathroom into a spa with the installation of a steam bath system. At T&S Plumbing, our expert plumbers have been installing steam baths throughout the area for years. We work with local contractors and interior designers to ensure every detail is covered in advance. Whether retrofitting an existing bathroom or adding a steam bath to a newly-built custom bathroom, we’ll get the job done right and make sure everything runs smoothly.

About Steam Baths

Steam baths are a really cool bathroom fixture upgrade, especially if you’re into home automation. Steam bath systems fill your bathroom with relaxing steam in seconds, and you can easily control them using your mobile device. You can even program multiple user settings for different members of your family. Steam baths have become more and more popular in recent years. With today’s technology, you might be surprised at how affordable they can be. At the touch of a button, you’ll be able to open every pore, rinse away built-up toxins, and release tension. Quietly and continuously fill your bathroom with steam to promote optimum relaxation and stress relief.

Design and Maintenance

Many steam bath systems feature compact designs that can easily be hidden in your vanity, closet, insulated attic, or basement. Steam bath systems are virtually maintenance-free, providing you with hassle-free comfort and relaxation. You can easily create a personalized spa experience by setting custom programs for your steam bath. Custom settings may include desired temperature, aroma, lighting, and even music.

Available Steam Bath Features

There are many additional options to make your steam bath experience even more convenient and luxurious. Available features include:

  • Mounted primary controls inside the steam bath
  • Programmable timer
  • Temperature read-out
  • Auxiliary controls
  • Multiple user preference profiles
  • Mobile control from your iPhone or Android

Make sure your new steam bath is installed by a licensed plumbing professional.