Bidet and Washlet Installation

At T&S Plumbing, our expert plumbers have been installing high-end fixtures throughout the area for years. We have the skills and experience needed to ensure your bidet or washlet installation goes smoothly. Whether retrofitting your current toilet or installing a bidet in a newly-designed bathroom, we’ll get the job done right.

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About Bidets and Washlets

The popularity of bidets has spread from Europe to the United States in recent years. Bidets and washlets are now more popular and more affordable than ever. Modern styles have transformed the bidet from an oddity into a beautiful addition to an elegant bathroom. You can purchase a stand-alone bidet that simply replaces your toilet seat, or you can buy a brand new toilet with a built-in washlet. Features include self-cleansing nozzles, in-bowl dryers, heated seats, and more. Professional installation is highly recommended for all types of bidets and washlets.

How Do They Work?

Despite being similar to a toilet in appearance and function, a bidet is more like a small washbasin or bathtub. Today, most bidet and washlet models feature built-in cleansing technology. With the touch of a button, a nozzle extends from under the seat and provides a soothing, warm-water cleanse—nearly eliminating the need for toilet paper. The nozzle typically includes a self-cleansing mechanism that automatically turns on before and after each use. Several other great features are offered as well.