Insinkerator Pro Garbage Disposal

InSinkErator Pro Series® Garbage Disposer

Invest in your home and the environment with the new InSinkErator Pro Series® Garbage Disposer!

Environmental Benefits

An estimated 35 million tons of food waste from commercial and residential sources end up in American landfills each year, according to the EPA. Consider the fact that food waste is already comprised mostly of water. Grinding it into a fraction of its original size and sending it down the drain using a garbage disposer—as opposed to throwing it in the trash—helps reduce landfill pollution. InSinkErator Pro Series disposers are especially powerful, practical, and efficient. This technology offers a simple way to contribute to a holistic waste management strategy.

Consumer Benefits

InSinkErator’s new disposers are more powerful than ever. They have longer warranties. And they’re quieter than any other garbage disposer on the market. The power and performance of advanced Pro Series® technology sets it far above standard disposers. Schedule your InSinkErator Pro Series garbage disposer installation now to take advantage of our special offer!