Sump Pump Environmental Monitor

What’s a sump pump?

Located in the lowest part of your basement or crawlspace, a sump pump pumps water away from your house, keeping your basement dry and protecting your home from costly damages and mold.

Even if you already have a sump pump installed, basement flooding may occur in cases of severe flood conditions or if your sump pump isn’t working properly. There are many reasons for sump pump failure, including:

  • Broken or stuck float switch
  • Inadequate unit size for the amount of water present
  • Clogged intake screen
  • Airlock in the sump pump system

What if you could know your home’s sump pump status in real-time?

Let T&S Plumbing make your sump pump … smarter!

With a Level Sense Pro – Sump Pump & Environmental Monitor, you can be alerted via text and email if:

  • Your sump pump fails (ex. broken float switch)
  • Humidity levels rise to mold-friendly conditions
  • Water levels in your sump pit exceed predefined thresholds
  • Temperature fluctuations in your basement exceed high/low thresholds

…and if you prefer, we can email a copy of any system alert to T&S Plumbing Company.

T&S Plumbing recommended:

Sump Pump & Environmental Monitor

Wi-Fi Based Text Message & Email Alerts.
No App Required.
  • Sump pump high water level
  • Water leak detection
  • Power failure
  • High & low temperature
  • High & low humidity