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Readying Your Home for Winter

  Image via Pexels Whether this is your first home or you’re a seasoned veteran homeowner, your home is always your last line of defense to the outside world. During the summer, flooding and high temperatures are big issues to be dealt with. Heat and high levels of liquid moisture can compromise the integrity of… Read more »

How To Talk To Your Plumber

It is never easy to open your home to a plumber or other repairman. Generally, when invited into your home, the plumber saves the day by fixing leaking pipes and clearing clogged drains, but many homeowners have no idea what magic they are working under the sink to solve the issue. As a consumer it… Read more »

Can a Camera Inspection Benefit You?

Clogs and leaks can be a common plumbing problem, even for the most well-maintained of homes. While most issues may be solved with a plunger or drain cleaning, other problems may be difficult to detect until it’s too late. Sometimes you’ll need to call in for professional help, but the good news is that a… Read more »

Do My Drains Need to be Cleaned?

Pipes and drains are exactly what we picture when we think of plumbing systems. They’re complicated and well hidden within the walls and floors of your home, making diagnosis of potential problems a real pain. Professional plumbers use a host of sophisticated (and some not so sophisticated) means of figured out what the problem with… Read more »

Bathroom Renovation: The Importance of Plumbing

Bathroom renovations are always exciting, but when it comes to upgrading or rerouting plumbing, things can become stressful. Plumbing services in Athens, GA, are an important part of your renovation project. Keep reading to learn more from the professionals at T&S Plumbing Services. Disaster Avoidance The main reason why plumbing design is so important during… Read more »

Warning Signs of Damaged Pipes & Sewer Drain

Look for these warning signs that can indicate broken or damaged pipes Dealing with broken sewer pipes can be quite annoying that’s why it’s important to look for visible signs before things take a turn for the worse. In case you suspect damage, immediately contact an expert for drain pipe repair in Athens, GA. Here… Read more »

How Does Sewer Line Inspection Work?

Since sewer lines are hidden deep underground, finding a problem used to require educated guesswork from a trained plumber. Of course, this method wasn’t always efficient at pinpointing an exact location and involved trial and error. Now, though, guesswork and trial and error are no longer needed due to the utilization of sewer line camera… Read more »