Drain Cleaning

Schedule regular drain cleaning service to keep your home plumbing system in top condition! Drain clogs in your kitchen or bathroom may lead to problems like standing water and unwanted odors. Blockages in your sewer drain can cause more serious problems like basement flooding. At T&S Plumbing Company, our experienced plumbers and trusted sewer cleaning partners have the skills needed to solve and prevent these issues.

Sewer Cleaning Service

Sewer blockages typically manifest as water back-up from the floor drain in your basement. This probably means your main sewer line is obstructed and requires immediate attention. With the unpredictable weather in the south, the last thing you want is a clogged sewer drain when it’s pouring down rain outside. Some of our customers who live in neighborhoods with large, mature trees routinely schedule sewer cleaning at least once every 12 months to ensure their main line is clear of tree roots. At T&S Plumbing, we partner with the most responsive and professional sewer cleaning firms in The area. Contact us to schedule your drain cleaning service today! For more information and tips, check out our blog post on waterproofing your basement.

Household Drain Cleaning Service

Water isn’t the only thing going down most drains. At the kitchen sink, grease and small food particles are commonly responsible for blockages. In the bathroom, hair and soap scum are common culprits for drain clogs in the shower and sink. As debris builds up over time, it lines the drain and causes the pathway for waste water to become obstructed. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, one piece of food or clump of hair can bring your whole waste-water system to its knees. That’s why it’s a good idea to schedule regular drain cleaning service and keep our contact info on hand in case any issues arise.

Foreign Objects Drain Clogs

Foreign objects such as jewelry, bottle tops, or toys can also cause drain clogs. In this case, do not try using chemical drain cleaners. They won’t work, and they may damage the finish on your faucet or shower trim. The only solution is to physically remove the object. If you can’t get to it yourself, one of our highly-skilled plumbers will happily take care of it for you!

Tips for DIY Drain Cleaning

Assuming your problem isn’t a foreign object, try to locate and remove the clog using the following steps:

  • Start by removing and cleaning the stopper or strainer at the entrance of the drain. This step may require a screwdriver or pliers.
  • Remove anything within reach, then try pouring hot water down the drain.
  • Next, carefully try using a plunger to clear out any remaining blockages.
  • If that doesn’t work, try removing and cleaning the drain trap.
  • Still having problems? You may want to try a sewer snake, or auger.

If none of these solutions work, it’s time to call in the experts! Call us at 770-867-0087