Hose Bib Installation

Having trouble with a leaky or damaged hose bib that needs to be repaired or replaced? Looking to install a frost free hose bib before winter comes? We are experts in hose bib installation, repair, and maintenance. Contact us today for prompt, professional plumbing service.

Types of Hose Bibs

You’ll find hose bibs in a few different places around the house. The most common are washing machine hose bibs, water heater hose bibs, and of course outdoor hose bibs where you hook up your garden hose. The two main types of outdoor hose bibs are frost free (a.k.a. “frost proof”) and non–frost free. How do you know which type you have? Most newer homes have frost free hose bibs. But if you live in an older home, yours may be non–frost free. Non–frost free hose bibs provide less protection and require more maintenance when it comes to preparing for winter.

Outdoor Hose Bib Installation and Maintenance

Frost free hose bibs should be installed with a slight downward pitch, so that water is allowed to drain out of the stem when the faucet is turned off. (The stem is the short length of copper pipe that runs through the exterior wall, connecting the outdoor hose bib to the indoor water line.)This is important because if water cannot drain out of the stem, it will be susceptible to freezing. Freezing water can lead to faucet damage, burst pipes, and water leaks. If you have a frost free hose bib, remember to disconnect your hose before winter hits! Otherwise, the water won’t be able to drain out. If you have a non–frost free hose bib, consider replacing it.