Outdoor Gas Line Installation

Need help running an outdoor gas line? At T&S Plumbing, we are experts in outdoor gas line installation, outdoor water line installation, outdoor kitchens, and more. Contact us to install a dedicated gas line that runs to your outdoor grill or fire pit.

Why Install an Outdoor Gas Line?

An outdoor gas line makes outdoor entertaining easier and more convenient. When you run a gas line directly to your outdoor grill or fire pit, you won’t have to mess with propane tanks or firewood ever again. Consider taking your backyard or patio to the next level with the addition of:

  • A gas fire pit
  • A gas barbecue grill
  • An outdoor gas stove
  • An outdoor fireplace
  • A full outdoor kitchen

In addition to an outdoor gas line, we can help you design and install a full outdoor kitchen with gas appliances, a sink that runs hot and cold water, a gas fire pit, and more. Learn more about outdoor kitchens.

Important Considerations for Outdoor Gas Line Installation

First and foremost, be sure to hire a licensed professional. DIY gas line installation is not recommended. It is important to remember that gas is very dangerous. Leaks can be deadly. Therefore gas line work should not be attempted by anyone without proper training. At T&S Plumbing, our specialty plumbers are fully licensed and trained in outdoor gas line installation. We have the specialty plumbing knowledge needed to ensure that your gas line is properly installed using the correct size fittings, the right type of piping, and appropriate insulation for outdoors.

We will make sure your plumbing project adheres to all codes and standards in order to protect the safety of your family.