Heavy Rain Can Effect Your Plumbing

Heavy winter rains like we are experiencing in Winder and Athens area can cause major problems for homeowners. Nothing could be worse than to be caught off guard.

Be Prepared.

  • If you own a sump-pump, ensure is in perfect good working order by having it serviced annually by a licensed, reputable plumber like T & S Plumbing Services .
  • Look for methods of diverting away the rainwater from your house. Extend and point away the gutter spouts. Also ensure that your rain gutters are clean.
  • Make sure that all of the vent pipes on your roof are free from clogs. As debris builds up, especially after heavy rain, it can cause a serious plumbing backup problem.
  • Minimize the amount of water you are putting into your septic tank. (washing machine, long showers, excessive toilet flushing, etc) When the grounds are saturated, the gray water has nowhere to go…except back into your drains and then into your house.
  • It’s a good idea to have all your plumbing systems inspected early in preparation for the possible freezing temperatures throughout the year.