Save Your Disposal This Thanksgiving


It’s important to know that your garbage disposal can only handle so much, and can NOT handle many different types of foods and liquids. Be mindful of what you’re putting down your garbage disposals.

  1. 1. Don’t put turkey bones or skin, or potato and onion peels down the disposal. Oils, grease, and fats can stick to your pipes and cause clogs easily.
  2. 2. Throw leftovers in the trash or compost pile- everything shouldn’t go down the drain.

3. Feed things gradually down the drain to prevent overloading the garbage disposal.

  1. 4. Wipe off greasy pans before washing them. You’ll save yourself a clog or two.
  2. 5. Don’t operate the dishwasher if you suspect a problem with the disposal. It discharges into the disposal.

Even with the best precautions, plumbing emergencies may still arise so T & S Plumbing Services will have our experienced technicians on call in Winder and Athens and surrounding counties to help with any situations.

We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!